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30 Day Challenges: Why it works and why it does not work.

How many times have we started a 30 day challenge just to find ourselves failing after day 3? or day 13? or day....?

I am guilty for sure! In my monthly newsletters, I often ask (maybe too often) for anyone to join me with my challenges. Having a buddy on board keeps me accountable. I can let myself down, but not a friend. LOL.

So why do we sign up for challenges like this one if it is a challenge in itself to finish with flying colors?

For one, it does jump start the motivation needed to start working out in the first place. Second, even though I complete 4 days out of 7, that was still 3 more workouts I completed, I otherwise would not have.

Why start if you know you won't finish?

Well, good question. I start with good intentions. Even if I don't end with a victorious completion. First, it gets me started. The zero to one steps always seems to be the most difficult. One to two gets easier and so forth.

Lastly, challenges remind me of when I was young and had to practice lent, a Catholic practice of giving something up for 40 days before Easter. The priest would always say, it's okay to fall off track, just get back on.

So when I feel guilty skipping a workout or two in 30 days of commitment, I forgive myself and let live, by continuing the intention of getting through 30 days. Similar to meditation, but I'll save that topic another time.

In the meantime, check out this time lapse video of a Pura Vida online course I took for the 30 day challenge I am currently in. Maybe it will motivate you to join me?

Let me know what challenges you like or have done in the past? I'd love to hear from you!

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