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Eyelash Care

We are in a time of isolation from neighbors, co workers, and friends. Every time I leave my home, upon return, I am forced to practice social distancing from my boyfriend. We live together so keeping 6 feet apart for a few days was hard yet doable.

Since we all have to confide ourselves at home, we have re-opened pandora's box for in door entertainment. Activities like puzzles, board games, and more have surged in popularity to help pass time.

Now is also a good time for spring cleaning and (re)developing habits, like skincare routines. I sound like a broken record to my clients, "Are you using your lash serum everyday?" The only right answer is, "Yup, everyday!"

So if you are guilty of skipping a day or two (or more) but you manage to wash your face and brush your teeth. You have no excuse for skipping your eye care. All you need is to add 2 steps. Anywhere in your morning and evening skincare routine.

Here is a peek at my morning routine:

1. Cleanse: Skin Authority's Daily Cleanser

2. Eyecream: Aveda's Botanical Kinetics Tube

3. Grande Lash MD

4. Skin Authority's Super C Serum

5. Moisturizer: I custom blend oils for my skin type.

6. Sunscreen

Check out this short video showing steps 2-5 of my morning routine.

I would love to hear you added your lash routine to an everyday habit? If you have not already, when will you start?

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