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Eyelash Extensions: Benefits Of Napping

Lash Nap was created because clients frequently fell asleep during their appointment. I am no expert in napping since my napping practice is only taken when (absolutely) needed. However, my curiosity lead me to the following. It’s worth checking out!

In 40 minutes, you get a run down on naps and why people take them. It’s worth a listen during a commute.

I really enjoyed this quick article explaining the pros and cons for adult napping.

The yogi inside of me wants to share habits I share with clients when I’m asked about increasing sleep quality.

The list below are tips and practices I do often or daily:

Legs up the wall: I do this yoga pose before bed on days I don’t practice yoga

I listen to this instead of television background noise


It's not my highest recommendation, in cases of reading a page turner. I can read before bed when I’m into a book, but not eager to finish.

Recommendations are: Wild Flower By: Drew Barrymore. Her book is composed of short stories, making it easy to pick up and put down.

Most recently, Essential poetry by Charles Bukowski.

Attention side sleepers! This is a great for keeping your hips even and keeping your knees from knocking into each other. *Back sleepers can use this as a bolster (placed under your knees), releasing your lower back*


The least amount of clothing possible- preferably naked. The room has to be temperature controlled. I use extra blankets, heavy quilt (instead of feather or down comforters).

A space heater with a timer and temperature control- for a couple of reasons. 1) space heaters cause dry air 2) I’m afraid something will catch on fire

Side note: Allergies are built into my DNA. Everything I recommend is hypoallergenic and easy to clean frequently.

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Offer up 2 cents? I’d love to hear your sleeping aids used increase your quality of sleep?

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