• Iris

Eyelash Extensions: Sensitive Eyelash Glue vs. Regular Eyelash Glue- What You Need To Know.

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Eyelash extensions have more options than lash length, thickness, design, and more.

One very important component to achieve flawless results is the glue, also referred to (by professionals) as, adhesive.

Here’s a tip! Consider what kind of glue the lash artist is using. Especially if you have sensitive skin or sensitivity to adhesives.

It is not uncommon to ask for a patch test at any point in your lash extension journey. For best results, make sure you get a patch test at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Patch tests are the best and most efficient way to determine if a sensitive lash glue is for you. Lash artists will put a small dot of the lash glue on your wrist or behind your ear. The skin in those areas are the most similar to your eyelids, which lack mucus membranes, like your palms or soles of your feet.

Over the course of 24 hours, you will notice if your skin reacts to the exposed area. Reactions can look like small red bumps, itchy or inflamed skin.

If your skin does react, you will know within the 24 hour time period of exposure. Reactions are similar to how your skin would react to an allergy. Even if it’s the tiniest reaction, imagine the reaction on your eyelid- not good.

If your skin does not react, the lash artist can use the regular eyelash extension glue for your service.

What’s the Difference? How Long Does Sensitive Lash Glue Last?

These are some of the most common questions I receive from clients concerned about reacting to the products used in their service.

More often than not, the regular glue patch test is negative for side effects. For the ladies who DO react to regular eyelash extensions glue, don’t fret!

There are several eyelash glue for sensitive eyes options for lash artists to use. Check out the selection at Quality Beauty Store as an example of glue options.

The chart shows a comparison between regular lash glue and lash sensitive glue.

Regular Lash Glue:

Dry Time: 1 to 3 seconds

Bond Time: 24 hours

Retention Time: 2 to 4 weeks

Fumes: Low to mild

Sensitive Lash Glue:

Dry Time: 4-6 seconds

Bond Time: 36- 48 hours

Retention Time: 1-3 weeks

Fumes: None to low

Why is this information important to you as a client?

Each of these categories affect the overall application time and results after your appointment. It’s important to consider your overall experience with eyelash extensions during and after your appointment.

Dry time affects the time to apply extensions to natural eyelashes.

Using a sensitive lash glue can extend your appointment time. Each